The birth of the American noble class

All day, I tried to fight writing this post. I tried not to pay too much attention to the news, even though I knew what had happened with the FBI declining to press charges against Hillary Clinton. I thought, it doesn't really affect my life, I don't need to get stressed out about it, I'll just move on. As the day moved on, and the sun set, I finally realized I wasn't going to be able to avoid commenting on what has happened. I need to vent, to bleed the poison of the anger I feel at this huge lapse in judgement from the government.

So here I go.

I admit that I am biased against the Clintons. I've worked in the government for a decade now, and when you work in the intelligence or defense communities in DC, you end up hearing interesting stories. It's not a big town, and when it comes to our leadership, it's a really tiny one. So I know people who worked for the Clintons their first time in the White House (and God willing, their only time), and so I'd heard plenty of nasty stories about Hillary in particular. How they stole furniture and art when they left, and vandalized the White House. First hand accounts of how mean she was to her Secret Service detail. Whispered stories about the trail of bodies that was left behind, which is now common knowledge thanks to the internet. Bill was a decent guy, but I never heard one GOOD story about anyone who dealt face to face with Hillary. The stories and their nature didn't change when I heard them trickle down from people who worked for her at Department of State, either. 

Now that's all well and good, and I know enough to understand that nearly any politician is going to be pretty nasty in a lot of ways when you get them out from in front of the camera. To be a modern day politician takes so much ego, to want to have that kind of scrutiny and invasion of personal life, that I really just don't feel like people who sign up for the job are very good people in a lot of ways anymore. And that's fine (well, no it's not, but it's the world we live in, and I'm a pragmatist). But this goes deeper than that. Hillary Clinton just seems to be a hollow automaton of lies and selfish intent, happy to walk on the faces of whatever people stand in her way, to get what she wants. Which, as far as I can tell, is just power. Ugly, nasty, sweaty, leering power. What she wants to do when she has as large a monopoly on the stuff as she can get, I don't know. But that's apparently the creature she is.

Here's what REALLY upsets me though. Power hungry black-hearted sociopaths exist, and always have. But what's meant to protect the populace from these people, particularly in the United States, is the law. I think you could argue, if there is ONE thing this country was meant to protect its people against (and I'd argue that the one true function of government is to protect its people; it's where it STOPS protecting them that the arguments come in), it's allowing there to be multiple sets of laws for different people. If you murder someone, or steal, or even just run a red light, whether you are rich or of good family or poor or have no idea who your family is, the punishment for the crime should be the same. And today, in the biggest possible neon letters that could be seen from every corner of this globe (and there were people in every single corner watching, I am sure), the American government spelled out that AMERICA HAS A NOBLE CLASS.

I'll be the first to admit, that with my background, I take this decision much more to heart than many citizens in the country. I know just how seriously the oaths to protect classified information are meant to be taken, and, in the case of anyone who is not Hillary Clinton, ARE taken. General Petraeus had a hugely successful military career completely sacrificed because of it (due in no small part to the political machine we currently have). I didn't like that, because I hold him in esteem and had personal opinions on his breaches, but at the same time I understood what I had thought to be a truth: The law is the law, and if you are in violation of the law, you have to pay the price. And so he did. Just as many other people who have committed accidental or intentional breaches of classified information, have also paid the price. EXCEPT for this one time. And it just makes me sick.

No longer is American governed by balance or logic. It never has been PERFECTLY governed by those things; things slip through the cracks in any imperfect system run by imperfect humans. That's why I don't get super upset generally when one person commits a crime in California and gets a certain sentence, and another person commits a similar crime in Maine and gets a different sentence. I understand the system is run by humans, and in tiny little courts across the country run by different judges, there will be variances. But that law of scale does not apply to this circumstance. In this circumstance, the voices of the public have been loud on this topic, and loud for a long time. Every bit of evidence about Hillary's email server has been even more damning than the last, and as each swing of the pendulum allowed the blade to arc further, the voices of humans across the country demanding justice got louder. And in this age, you cannot avoid the roaring of the crowd. It's everywhere you look. But, the tone deaf stuffed shirts in DC did exactly that. They spelled out the fact that there IS NO JUSTICE in DC. Not if you're rich enough, not if you're part of the right family, not if you are the soul-sucking dead-eyed anointed one of the fallen order. And so here she is, getting her blessing to run for President.

This is injustice writ large, and one of the most disturbing decisions I've seen in my life by people in power. It's so huge, that it's hard to know where to go from here. But we always figure out a way to adapt and learn, and make our country stronger. So that's what we'll need to do now. Remind the people in power who they need to answer to, and vote to keep those who only serve the American nobility out. And we will move on. The only way people who have a moral vacuum are able to get power is because good people allow them to get there. Remember that this November.