Beware the Ides of January

It seemed as though winter just wasn't going to hit this year, but I had a vague memory of feeling that way in previous Decembers, so I thought it was best to hold out as best I could. Sure enough, this week, a blizzard struck, and I had as much winter as I could bear for a couple days. I find myself enjoying the inspiration of living in a place with all 4 seasons, distinct and separate. Much of my inspiration comes from the landscape and nature in the Maryland countryside near where I live, no matter what the season. The color palettes are some of the most distinctive effects.

The cool silvers and deep grays of the winter, with the bright vermillion sprinkle of the occasional holly tree. The slate gray of the angry bay, austere and lonely. And finally, the monochromatic splendor of the ice and snow covered moonscape I have before me right now. It all goes into the hopper on creative sourcing, and I welcome it. 

I enjoy the silence of the cold winter nights, with the crystal clear sky showcasing the stars in their most magnificent brilliance. Solitude and isolation are two of the situations in which I find myself most inspired to create, and as such I try to capture those moments when I can in my personal scrapbook, to be called up at a later date to recenter me.

Without further ado, a picture of the surface of the moon (or, Hoth, or, my yard after a blizzard. Whatever works.)

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